Aims and Objectives

The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria was established with the following aims and objectives:

  • To maintain a high standard of Professional ethics and discipline among its members
  • To promote and maintain a high standard of Pharmaceutical Education in Nigeria
  • To promote legislation for the enhancement of the image and the interest of the Pharmacy Profession and the Practitioners in Nigeria.
  • To collate and disseminate statistical, scientific and other information relating to Pharmacy and publish such in an Official Journal
  • To advice on Labour conditions relating to Pharmacists.
  • To get more information on the PSN Constitution please Click Here

Let's Talk about Abia 2017

Lets Talk

Dear Colleagues, The 90th Annual National Conference of our great Society, the PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY OF NIGERIA (PSN), is just around the corner. We have started a series of engagements to acquaint you with the package of expectations that this conference represents. This engagement will continue till the last day of the conference. Click the Image above for more details! 


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