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AkintayoOlumide Akintayo, Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists, Fellow Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy and Fellow of the Nigeria Institute of Management is the outgoing President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria. In this interview with Chioma Umeha (Health Editor) he critically appraises the health sector and gives insight into controversies surrounding the national drug distribution guidelines. 
Your tenure as the President of PSN would expire soon, what do you think most people  or even the association would remember you for.  
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johesu allPhysician Heal Thyself 
The attention of JOHESU/AHPA has been drawn to some recent insinuations of the NMA in recent times. The NMA in a most recent call to President Muhammadu Buhari had requested the President to ban all public officers from seeking medical treatment abroad. In a more embarrassing but in tandem with the well known propensities of narcissism of the NMA hierarchy, it sought through a resolution that health regulatory agencies apart from its own Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) should be barred from carrying out statutory duties in hospitals. More bizarre is the NMA threat to en-list police support for this unlawful resolution. After our usual careful appraisal we wish to posit as reflected: 
On paper it sounds very rational that public officers who are first and foremost citizens should be compelled to access care services in Nigeria. A cursory and deep evaluation dictates that NMA and its membership are primarily responsible for the underlying reasons why anybody who has an option cannot rely on Nigerian hospital facilities for treatment for numerous reasons. In similar spirit attempts to restrict regulatory functions of health regulatory bodies apart from the MDCN are not defendable for many reasons including but not limited to: 
1.  Nigerian doctors especially those in public sector at both State and Federal levels are on strike for an average of six (6) months every year. This negatively impacts on their expertise and skills. Any citizen who therefore has a choice will most likely seek attention in other places to avoid preventable fatality of perpetually absent doctors from their duty post. 


WPD image main v3.1The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) strongly encourages all pharmacists and their associations across the globe to participate in World Pharmacists Day on 25 September.  This year’s theme is:

“Pharmacist: Your partner in health”

Medicines must go hand in hand with pharmaceutical expertise, or in other words, with pharmacists. This is a partnership essential to the responsible use of medicines. But other partnerships are also important. Every day three million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists around the world act as partners to patients, other health care professionals and other scientists, throughout the whole supply chain and with the shared vision of better health.

Across the globe our profession is clearly demonstrating all the requirements of great partnerships; shared goals, commitment, vital skills and rapport, as well as the ability to have difficult talks and to overcome obstacles.

Ready-to-publish article from the FIP President

CLICK HERE -World Pharmacists Day 2015: celebrate and promote our profession 

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FIP calls on you to celebrate our profession and its many partnerships this September. Use World Pharmacists Day to promote the valuable role we play — and could play — in bringing about great health for all. 

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