To place Community Pharmacy Practice in an enviable position in the health delivery system in Nigeria.

Mission Statement

  • To encourage and empower every Community Pharmacist to be a healthcare professional of international standard.
  • To strive to make the Community pharmacist environment conducive for a healthy practice for the benefit of the patient
  • To put the patient first in our practice by advancing care.
  • To promote the image of Pharmacy through the use of the Green cross Emblem by every registered retail Community Pharmacy outlet
  • To promote cordial inter – professional relations with other healthcare professionals in the best interest of the patient
  • To be dependable healthcare providers in the provision of quality, safe, efficacious and cost effective drugs and health information services in the community.
  • To promote preventive care e.g. immunization.

Overview of ACPN
Nigerian Association of General Practice Pharmacists (NAGPP) now Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN) was the first of the Technical Group of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) to be inaugurated in 1981 in Kaduna State.

Since then it has consistently held its Annual National Conference and AGM.  ACPN has been in the forefront of the Technical groups of PSN.  ACPN is the backbone of PSN.

The Members are very active in Pharmacy Profession matters. The group has been producing the President of PSN and over 85% of the officers from time to time. From 1981 to date the Association has made a lot of achievements under various leaderships.

The Association has been performing credibly well in international organizations such as International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association (CPA) and West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists (WAPCP) for years.

The ACPN within its year of existence has, from inception to date, made tremendous and consistent strides especially in the areas of the upliftment of the quality of pharmacy practice and the welfare of pharmacists.

The ACPN has taken giant strides in several areas like facilitating the setting up of Drug Information Centre (DIC), encouraging the setting up of Rural Pharmacies and effectively opposing the obnoxious Drug Mart policy among others. The production of Drug Information leaflets in educating pharmacists and the public is highly commendable.

ACPN members are now playing leading role in areas of Primary Healthcare such as Health education, drug information, disease prevention, immunization, family planning, provision of essential drugs, GHAIN etc.

No doubt, ACPN has made landmark achievements over the years in a bid to improve the Community Pharmacy practice in Nigeria.

Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN) was also duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja on the 18th day of April, 2007 and was issued a Certificate of Incorporation. Under the hand and the Common Seal of this commission – the names of the members of the Board of Trustees are:

  • Pharm. (Prince) Julius Adelusi-Adeluyi, FPSN, OFR mni
  • Pharm. (Mrs.) Caroline Olusola Ogbe-Urevbu, FPSN
  • Pharm. (Alh) Abdul-Rahaman Musa Momodu, FPSN
  • Pharm. (Mrs.) Rosemary Nikoro, FPSN
  • Pharm. Ikechukwu Onyechi, FPSN

Membership of ACPN
The membership of the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria is made up of membership from State branches of ACPN.  All members within this Association are registered yearly to fulfill their financial obligations by paying up their statutory fees to the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria and Capitation fees to the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria before such a Pharmacist can be recognized as a member.

Scope of Practice of Commnunity Pharmacists
The ACPN is an Association of all Pharmacists practicing in the community with their practice focused on dispensing and retailing, carrying out wholesaling of medicines, feeding the hospitals, and Clinics etc within the community.

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