PSN Standing Committee


Pharm. Bola Anthony Oyawole,FPSN   - Chairman, CONSTITUTION REVIEW COMMITTEE

Pharm. (Prince) Chijioke Ofomata – Chairman, CONTACTS/MOBILIZATION COMMITTEE


Pharm. (Alh.) Bola Adeyemi,FPSN  -  Chairman, DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE

Pharm. (Prof.) Cyril Usifoh,FPSN     -  Chairman, EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBERS

Pharm. (Prof.) C. Esimone –  Chairman,EDUCATION COMMITTEE


Pharm. Mohammed Zango,FPSN  -   Chairman, LAW AND ETHICS COMMITTEE

Pharm. (Chief) U. N. O. Uwaga,FPSN, FPCPharm, mni, FNIM- Chairman, PHARMACY ADVISORY BOARD

Pharm. Remi Adeseun,FPSN  , -    Chairman, PROGRAMMES COMMITTEE

Pharm. Charles Akinsete, -  Chairman, PUBLICATION COMMITTEE

Pharm. Ibrahim Tanko Ayuba,FPSN  -   Chairman, PUBLICITY COMMITTEE

Pharm. Bola Anthony Oyawole,FPSN   -  Chairman, STRATEGY COMMITTEE

Pharm. (Chief) Chris Ibeto,FPSN         -   Chairman, WELFARE COMMITTEE


Pharm. Idris Pada   -   NHIS

Pharm. (Dr.) Ernest Okoli,FPSN   -  CPA Councillor

Pharm. (Dr.) Ifeanyi Okechukwu   -   E-Library

Pharm. Anieh Felix   -   APBN

Pharm. Gbolagade Michael Iyiola,MAW   -   FIP

Pharm. Kayode Aiyegbajeje -  PSN Website

Pharm. Folashade Lawal -  World Disease Days

Pharm. Agbim Rosarii Chineze -  Co- Desk Officer  World Disease Days           

Pharm. Maigari Ahmadu Ibrahim,FPSN -   Abuja Liaison

Pharm. Ernest Okafor   -  NAFDAC

Pharm. Emmanuel Ekunno,FPSN  -  Product Branding

Pharm. Chuka Okoli,  -  Asst. Desk Officer, Product Branding

Pharm. Bukky George  -  Special Duties/Projects

Terms of Reference for Committees

Disciplinary Committees

  1. To investigate any breach of the PSN constitutions, AGM and National Council resolutions as well as related matters.
  2. To investigate acts of indiscipline and unethical misconduct on the part of Pharmacists and
  3. Make appropriate recommendations to the National Council after investigation of the above

Pharmacy Practice Committee

  1. Initiate sustainable policies that can launder the corporate image of Pharmacy and Pharmacists critically
  2. Appraise all subject matters affecting PSN and make recommendations to the President and NEC

Publicity & Public Relation Committee

  1. Package adequate publicity strategies to continually project Pharmacy and Pharmacists in good light.
  2. Facilitate advocacy programmes on appropriate templates in both the print and electronic media.
  3. Put in place proper lobbying mechanism to achieve PSN’s objective

Law and Ethics Committee

  1. Evaluation of all Pharmacy and drug statutes with a view to matching expectations of practitioners.
  2. Working closely with NEC to interpret Pharmacy statues
  3. Recommending matters for court adjudication to NEC.
  4. Review of PSN constitution if need be

Education Committee

  1. Liaising with global bodies including FIP, WHO, APF and similar organizations to tap from their advances and blending same with the Pharmacy curriculum.
  2. Mentoring Pharmacy students with a view to placing them on the appropriate professional pedestal  

Welfare Committee

  1. Design sustainable schemes which protects the future of Pharmacists including the concept of a group insurance
  2. Ameliorate the discomforts of Pharmacists as they advance in age through special welfare programmes.
  3. Represent PSN at official functions including birthday parties, funeral ceremonies etc when PSN is invited.

Strategy Committee

  1. Re-position the PSN in a befitting professional bracket through pro-active initiatives
  2. Develop a sustainable financial base for the PSN
  3. Foster new relationships with government at all levels including LGA, States and Federal Government: at federal level this must cover all arm of government vis Executive, legislature and judiciary
  4. Assist in formulation of policies for PSN (short & long term)

Product Endorsement Committee

  1. Initiate efforts to facilitate PSN endorsement of Pharmaceutical and non-Pharmaceutical products.
  2. Work out new strategies to make PSN a partner in the development of new products.

Operational Research/Website Development Committee

  1. Commission/carry out data and survey and studies in critical areas of concern in Pharmacy Practice
  2. Develop a befitting and informative web-site for PSN

Building Committee

  1. To follow up on all our properties in various places and ensure that PSN interest is not jeopardized.
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