The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) founded in 1927, is one of the most organized and robust professional bodies in West Africa. In the past 90years, PSN has contributed immensely to the advancement of public health, humanitarian/disaster relief support and sustainable national development across Nigeria. To build on the various successes achieved by PSN and to sustain the various socio-economic impacts, the PSN Foundation was launched in October 2017 in Abuja PSN Foundation was established to achieve the following objectives:  Provide humanitarian assistance to alleviate the sufferings of the general public by the provision of Pharmaceutical products and services;  Provide grants and scholarships and other financial awards to support Education and Research/Development in the training and practice of Pharmacy;  Make awards in recognition of excellence in the training and practice of Pharmacy;  Raise funds towards the philanthropic initiatives of the parent organization-the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria;  Implementation of policies and programs on: