PSN Council

Brief Notes On Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria

The Council of the Society is made up of the following:-

  1. All State Branch Chairmen/Secretaries (including Abuja)
  2. All the elected members of NEC, immediate past President including Unofficial Members.
  3. Chairmen of the recognized Technical/-Interest Groups.
  4. Directors of Pharmaceutical Services or Chief Pharmacists
  5. The Registrar of the PCN.
  6. All Deans of approved Schools/Faculties of Pharmacy of Nigerian Universities.
  7. The National President of the PANS or his representative.
  8. A representative from the Teaching Hospitals’ Pharmaceutical Services.
  9. Chairman, Board of Fellows.
  10. The Director-General of the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD)
  11. The most senior Pharmacist in the Pharmaceutical Department of the Federal Ministry of Health.
  12. A representative of the Armed Forces, the Customs and the Nigeria Police Forces who must be Pharmacists.
  13. PSN representatives in the PCN.
  14. The Executive Secretary of the West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists.
  15. Director-General of NAFDAC (if a Pharmacist, or the most senior Pharmacist in NAFDAC).

The Council meets only three times in a calendar year, one of which shall be the pre-conference Council meeting. Part of the role of the Council is to determine the policies of the Society, to review and confirm qualified candidates for the conferment of the Fellowship of the Society, to determine all matters as may be directed by the National Conference/AGM, to carry out such other functions as may be directed by the AGM and to review and approve all budgets of the Society as presented to it by NEC.