Pharmacy Anthem

We Pharmacists We are proud of Pharmacy!
We members all Of the glorious PSN
PHAR-MA-CEU-TICAL  Society of Nigeria
As men of honour we join
Hands for Pharmacy.

Our Society Born in 1927 Growing rapidly
From strength to strength each year
And gathering from All over planet earth
And so doing pharmacy proud till
this present day.

Sing ye Pharmacists We love great Nigeria
Drink Ye PharmacistsTo the health of Nigeria !
All Pharmacists Believe that health of Nigeria
Mens Sana in corpore sano Health is wealth Chorus.

We are Pharmacists We are for co-operation
With all members Of our great Nation’s Health Team
Say Pharmacists We’ll guard our Nation’s health
And we’ll prove that Pharmacy can
Hold its own Everywhere! Chorus