Landmarks in PSN History


1887 : Introduction of European Pharmacy in Nigeria.

1902 : Enactment of Drugs and Poisons Ordinance of Lagos colony.

1922 : Association of Nigeria Dispensers Formed.

1923 : Poisons and Pharmacy Act Cap. 50 enacted.

1927 : School of Pharmacy Yaba founded.  The birth of PSN. Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria was founded

1930 : School of Pharmacy Zaria commenced

1947 : First recorded President of PSN (Late Mr. T.K.E. Philips)

1956 : The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria was formally incorporated under its Articles of Association and was recognized as a professional Society in Nigeria by the Federal Government.

1958 : Pharmacy Board Inauguration.

1961 : Launching of PSN Journal, (Late Chief A. Egboh, FPSN) First Editor-in-Chief.

1969 : PSN Gold Chain Medallion of Office formally presented for Fellowship Award of PSN to the President (Chief A.O. Ransome Kuti) by Dr. Fred Wingley, Deputy Chairman, Welcome Foundation.

1970 : PSN new Constitution and Bye-laws adopted Second edition of the PSN Journal (Nigeria Journal of Pharmacy) with Mr. Yinka Lawal Solarin as Editor-In-Chief.  PSN secured accommodation for its National Secretariat at 52A, Ikorodu Road, Fadeyi, Lagos.  A PSN Constitution adopted at conference.

1972 : Conference approved 19 Pharmacists for Fellowship Award.

1973 : Launching of Pharmacy Emblem (Neon Sign). PSN became a member of FIP.

1975 : Appointment of Late Pharm. (Prof.)  Issac William Osisiogu,FPSN as Honourable Minister of Labour of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

1976 : PSN became Foundation member of WAPF (with Mr. Julius Adelusi Adeluyi and Dr. Fred Adenika as first Secretary General and Editor-in-Chief respectively).

1977 : Conference approved 8 Pharmacists for Fellowship Award.

1979 : Pharmacy was elevated to a full fledged Directorate within the Federal Ministry of Health.

1980 : Post of Federal Chief Pharmacist was upgraded to Director of Pharmaceutical Services.

1981 : Nigerian Association of Academia Pharmacists (NAAP) formally launched.

1982 : Conference approved 19 Pharmacists for Fellowship Award.

Nigerian Association of Hospital & Administration Pharmacists (NAHAP) formally launched.

1983 : Alhaji Lateef Jakande’s Government gave the Society Plot PC29, at Victoria Island,  Lagos.  COOPHARM formally launched in Imo State.

1984 : PSN signed an agreement with Messrs Mike Poray and Associate for the building of the Pharmacy House at Victoria Island, Lagos.

1988 : The Birth of Association of Lady Pharmacists (ALPS).

1990 : Prof. E.O. Ogunlana became the first African to win the prestigious FIP Andrea Beidat Award.

1991 : The 1st PSN Executive Secretary (Dr. W. Erhun) appointed.

1992 : Conference conferred Fellowship on 25 Pharmacists.

1993 : Appointment of Prince Julius Adelusi Adeluyi as the first Pharmacist to head the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Services.

Appointment of first Pharmacist Vice Chancellor Prof. Oleka Udeala, Vice Chancellor, UNN.

The Pharmacists Council of Nigeria was inaugurated.

National Agency for Food & Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) was established.

1994 : Second PSN Executive Secretary Dr. George B. Okide appointed.

Council approved 25 Pharmacists for Fellowship Award.

1997 : Council approved 30 Pharmacists for Fellowship Award

PSN elects first female President, Lady Eme Ufot Ekaette.

2000 : Council approved 78 Pharmacists for Fellowship Award.

2001 : PSN acquired her first building property situated at 32, Faramobi Ajike Street, Anthony Village Lagos.

2002 : First Special Pharmacist Summit held in Kaduna.

2003 : Council approved 44 Pharmacists for Fellowship Award.

November 2005 : The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria ratified a resolution listing for the first time ever five (5) members of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (Lagos State) on the roll of dishonor for anti-PSN activities.

2006 : Commissioning of Pharmacy House, Anthony Village, Lagos.

Council approved 33 Pharmacists for Fellowship Award

2007 : Installation of PSN President and Conferment of PSN Fellowship separated from National Conference

Hosting of the Secretariat of African Pharmaceutical Forum

Pharm. Danbaba  Danfulani Suntai 1st Pharmacist Governor to honour PSN Conference.

2008 : PSN instituted Pharmaceutical Excellence and National Service Award

12TH MARCH 2009 First Pharmaceutical Excellence And National Service Award Ceremony For Three Pharmacist Ministers, Two Senators and Two Hon. Members

17th June 2009 PSN President Signed an M.O.U. with Churchgate Properties Ltd to build a 30-storey Pharmacy House on Victoria Island Property.

22nd October 2009 The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria approved the delisting of two Fellows of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria and placed them along another registered pharmacist on the roll of dishonor of the Society for acts of indiscipline, breaches of Council decisions/AGM resolution and unethical behaviours.

      Letters of warning were issued to some other Pharmacists who showed remorse at the proceedings of the Disciplinary Committee.

26th October, 2009 Senate President laid The Foundation Stone for PSN National Headquarters, Abuja.

12th February, 2010 Installation of the new President and Investiture of 50 Fellows on PSN.

4th September, 2011 Pharm. Azubike Okwor emerges Fellow of the FIP.

September, 2011 National Council on Establishment approves Consultancy Status for Pharmacists in Public Service.

22nd – 24th March 2012 2nd Pharmacists Summit organised by the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria under the Chairmanship of Pharm. Bruno Nwankwo,FPSN at the Golden Tulip Festac Hotel, Lagos.

25th September 2012 PSN collaborated with National Human Rights Commission in a National Dialogue on Access to Safe Medicines as a Human Right in Nigeria

4th October 2012 Signing of FIP Centennial Declaration by the President, Pharm. Azubike Okwor, FPSN, FPCPharm, FFIP.

8th October 2012 Pharm. Azubike Okwor stepped down as President of APF while Pharm. Anthony Akhimien was elected as President of APF in Amsterdam.

December, 5TH 2012 Inauguration of the PSN Liasion Office at Abuja.

DECEMBER 21ST 2012          Commissioning of PSN E-Library at the Pharmacy House, Lagos.

FEBRUARY, 28TH 2013         Inauguration of Group Insurance Policy for Nigerian Pharmacists as a PSN Welfare


FEBRUARY 21ST 2014 Federal Government  inaugurates a National Committee on Prescription Policy for the country on the prompting of the PSN to ensure rational use of Medicines.

MARCH  2013 Inauguration of the New President and Investiture of 55 Fellows of the PSN.

NOVEMBER 5TH 2013 PSN Launches New Membership I.D Card and Certificate Scheme for Members.

NOVEMBER 5TH 2013 PSN adopts New Constitution 2013.

FEBRUARY 28TH 2014 PSN Acquires 2 Units of 2-Bedroom  Apartments  in Lekki Paradise III Estate on Chevron Drive to consolidates her Financial Base

MARCH 19TH, 2015  a. PCN approves gazetting of Pharmacists seal by Federal Ministry of Justice as basis to confer legal authority on the seal as a prelude to fee based practice in some aspects of Professional life.

b. PCN approves gazetting of the MCPD regulations to pave way for its adoption as a regulatory criterion in  licensure.

c. PCN approves new Pharmacist’s oath for graduating Pharmacists in Nigeria.

d. PCN gives legal teeth to collaborative healthcare practice through citing of Pharmacies within the precincts of other healthcare practices.

MARCH 20TH 2014 Inaugural Meeting of the Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy held at Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos.

APRIL 24, 2014 PSN  Practice/Research Group Submits Report on  Survey of Healthcare Providers  to reinforce drug distribution Challenges in Nigeria.

JUNE 26, 2014 Formal Inauguration of the Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy under the Chairmanship of General Yakubu Gowon, GCFR, Former Head of State Nigeria  in Lagos,

AUGUST 12, 2014 PSN alliance with Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) and Assembly of Healthcare Professional Associations (AHPA yields dividends in the reflected areas.

1. Upward review of salaries/allowances through collective bargaining agreements.

2. Promotion of Pharmacists and others Health Workers from CONHESS 14 to 15 as Directors in Federal Health Institution.

OCTOBER 16, 2014 1st Pharmacist-Director in a Nigerian Teaching Hospital emerges at UCH, Ibadan.

1st  Pharmacist in Academia approved for appointment as Honorary Consultant/Special Advicer at UCH, Ibadan.

PSN endorses 1st Pharmaceutical/Health Product with the Endorsement of NCP lotion from the stables of local Manufacturing firm, Neimeth Pharmaceuticals Limited on October 10th 2014.

OCTOBER 22,2014 PSN Partnership with NAFDAC geared towards promoting  improved enforcement procedures results in:-

1. NAFDAC  approval  of  Community Pharmacists Action (COPA)  initiative in Community Pharmacy Practice to facilitate better documentation in practice.

2. NAFDAC  review of Guidelines for Operation of Service Drugs Scheme with the introduction of a realistic tariff regime in practice.

OCTOBER  23, 2014   

1. PCN Governing Council resolved to conduct all inspectorate ,  monitoring and control procedures through the Zonal/State offices.

2. PCN approves Special Permits for  importation of Service Drugs in retail Pharmacies in Nigeria.

3. PCN approves the concept of pre-registration examination prior to registration in Nigeria.

APRIL 2015 The Nigerian Academy of Pharmacy host first ever Pharmacy Education Summit in Nigeria from 22nd to 24th  April 2015.

  1. PCN Disciplinary Tribunal strikes off the name of 4 Pharmacists from the register for unethical misconduct, infamous conduct and gross malpractices.
  2. PCN approves Satellite Pharmacy Concept in Practice to facilitate better and effective care provisioning across Nigeria.
  3. PCN approves payment of Professional fees not less than 1% of transaction through the use of PCN seals for Pharmacists involved in importation of medicine and tender business with regards to medicines.
  4. PCN adopts PSN proposals to allot 6 credit point for attendance at PSN National Conference, 2 points for attendance at PSN National Technical Group Conferences, 1 point for State PSN Conferences/Seminars and 2 Points for PCN approved international conferences.