Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria

International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)
79th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Abu Dhabi 2019

Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association (CPA)
Empowering pharmacists to improve health and wellbeing throughout the Commonwealth
The Commonwealth encompasses some of the world’s poorest nations. The CPA advances health,
promotes wellbeing and improves education for the benefit of the people of the Commonwealth.
We support the development of safe and effective systems of medicines management,
healthier lifestyles, and the reduction of health inequalities.
We achieve this through building strong collaborative networks,
partnering with member organizations to improve the quality of pharmacy practice and
creating platforms for the dissemination of knowledge about
pharmaceutical sciences and professional practice.

African Pharmaceutical Forum (APF)
A Regional Body of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)
President Desk
I thank all of you who voted for me and all those who made it possible for
APF to survive and PSN for hosting the APF office and their regular contribution.
I congratulate many member countries, and I pledge during my mandate to unite
all pharmaceutical Councils (The Orders) of French-speaking Africa and
English-speaking WHO Africa zone to advocate for support from our governments and international bodies (African Union, NEPAD , ADB,CEDAO, CEMAC) .