Innovative Disruptions In Pharmacy: Road Map For Hospital And Administrative Pharmacy Practice In Nigeria – PSN President’s Address


Your Excellency Rt.Hon Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, Mutawallen Sokoto, Governor Sokoto State; His Eminences  Sultan of Sokoto Chairman of the occasion Pharm( Alhaji) Almustapha Othman Ali FPSN; Key note address speaker, our own SG, Prof N.N. Wannang, Dr. Kingsley Amibor, our amiable National Chairman of the Association of Hospital and Administrative Pharmacists (AHAPN); Fellows of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria( PSN) and the West African post graduate college of Pharmacists( WAPCP), distinguished guests, professional Pharmacists, ladies and Gentlemen, I am so thankful to God for granting me the grace to be here despite all the prevailing challenges and flight delays. I deeply appreciate the leadership of the AHAPN for the kind invitation to return to this ancient city and state capital. I have refreshing memories of my days and ‘exploits’ in this city as a Youth corper in 1977/78. It was a beautiful time and space and time will not allow me to regale you with tales of our ‘exploits’ between Sokoto, Birnin-Kebbi, Tambuwal, Zuru,Anka, Talata-Mafara, Arugungu and Yelwa Yauri( all in Sokoto state then). But it was before the demons invaded Nigeria determined to divide and ruin a beautiful country. After my service, I mulled for days on accepting to work in the State Ministry of Health as the Superintendent Pharmacist at the Yelwa General Hospital where I did my primary assignment until Pfizer  lured me into the Industry. May be I would perhaps have become a retired DPS by now! 


Now turning  to the theme of this conference: some one has said that you had better disrupted your own practice else some one else would help you disrupt it. This wise saying seems to have become most apt for the Pharmacy practice. The profession seems to be apparently under siege by many forces seeking to disrupt both the profession and its various forms of practice. We have both intrinsic and extrinsic forces, there are forces within the healthcare team, forces from the Medicine- trader community and forces from the underground and grey markets. Of course there are Economic, social and technological forces.

Thus it is very apt that this theme runs through our discourses this year. The Hospital and administrative Pharmacists in Nigeria hold the significant ace in evolving policies, laws and regulations that will help the Profession as a whole adopt proactive and innovative disruption to our practices. Firstly, we need to become more customer centric or patient-focused. The current concept  of Pharmaceutical care must be pursued in its total ramifications by AHAPN. Relevance and sustainability of any service is determined primarily by the recipient of the service called the customer or patient or client. He is the one who makes the judgement. Therefore if the profession of Pharmacy must remain relevant creating value that no other group can adequately provide, then it must continue to innovate and disrupt status quo. It must be ahead of all the forces struggling to disrupt it by continually and deliberately disrupting itself towards one objective-creating enhance value and assuring improved customer satisfaction.

We therefore, must first be introspective and without sentiments and emotions review our practice in the hospitals and government offices. Are we truly customer-centric and are we purposed to daily raise our game?  Are we daily creating that distinguishing and discernible value that sets us apart from all other actors, challengers and pretenders?  In the highly competitive and highly disruptive 21st century, there are only a few givens still standing, the variables are on the increase. I believe these are the issues we must be discussing in this conference.And I am confident that the key note speaker and other distinguished speakers and discussants will provide great ideas and ideals. I and the NEC of PSN are eagerly awaiting the conclusions from this conference.

Finally, let me thank once again our National Chairman and his EXCO and put on record my deep appreciation of the very cordial working relationships between us and thank all your members who have been gracious to support our administration by serving in some of our# thematic and statutory committees. Working together, all issues confronting AHAPN and indeed the entire PSN, especially those we have committed ourselves to will be be fully resolved, God being our Helper. Mr Chairman, your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, may I wish you all a successful and productive 1st Annual Scientific conference holding in this ancient city- Sakoto! Sanu da zua! God bless 

Pharm (Mazi) Sam Ohuabunwa OFR, MON, FPSN, NPOM

President, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria( PSN)

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